Monday, February 2, 2015

A. Aimee stops in to talk about the big O

Orgasm – 
the Ultimate Surrender and Portal to Ecstasy
By A. Aimee, author of 
“Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel’s Tale”

     People ask me why I wrote “Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel’s Tale” So I’d like to share of the thoughts I had for writing this book.
     First of all I wanted to write about orgasm as the ultimate surrender and portal to ecstasy. Because – as everyone knows – it is!
     As I say on the headline to my Web site:  Nothing satisfies like sex. Nothing completes like sex. Nothing releases like sex. Nothing can compete with sex.
     Orgasm is such an amazing experience because it’s a gateway to the flow state where we experience timeless awareness and the ecstatic feeling of being fully present in this now moment. It’s also a momentary death of our egos which leads to the amazing blissfulness which each of us experience when we are finally, finally able to let go completely and surrender. Which obviously is why we love it so much and why almost everyone is seeking it!
     And then I wanted to add to this an exploration of the conundrum or dilemma that arises if we have reached this blissful state of complete surrender in and through situations (and/or with people) that we don’t particularly like or find acceptable. In other words, what happens when the body experiences one thing while the mind is screaming something else? What happens then? Where does this leave us and what does it do to us? And how can we live with this – both on a personal and social level?
     Conundrums or dilemmas like this happen because we all have this huge, powerful urge and energy in us which is the sex drive. And this sex drive is always seeking expression. Then it often happens that this urge, this energy, gets blocked or pinched off or twisted because of the massive social programming we all receive from the moment we are born that is telling us what is OK sexually and what is not. And even though today there are more and more people who are freer sexually than ever before in the history of humanity, the reality is that most people are still so limited in their sexual expression and in their ability to experience sex and orgasm as a portal to the divine.
     So I wanted to write about a woman who allowed herself to go beyond what is normally acceptable for married women and who discovered and experienced amazing orgasmic release in ways which both shocked and surprised her. In other words, this book is the story of a woman who discovered that her body could respond in one way even if her mind was screaming something else. Hence the title – Good Pussy Bad Pussy. And this is also why the book is a graphic tale of the forbidden sex and guilty pleasures Rachel experiences in her dangerous attempt to be free, follow her heart, and satisfy her pussy – all at the same time! That is until life takes a very unexpected turn!
     Hope you enjoy reading about Good Pussy Bad Pussy!


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