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Meet Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson
Erotic Romance Author

     By day I am a librarian, by night an erotic writer with romantic overtones to my work. I wish there was a purple cape to wear while I write. It feels like I’m a covert librarian writing the very material my library would never carry and censor. I have been married for fifteen years to the person of my dreams which is probably why I write erotica. I want to get her turned on and very, very happy. The odd thing about our marriage is that we both are transgendered. When we got married we were in different bodies with different sexes. Talk about your odd marriage, but the changes we went through and the experiences garnered infiltrate and affect my writing, giving me an intriguing view on what women and men experience at the height of erotic tension and passion, to say nothing of my interest in altered states and the paranormal.
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Author Cara Bristol - Erotica & Erotic Romance

Erotic Stories to light your fire....

Tonya and Brenda join Cara at the Rod and Cane Society mansion - location for her first book in the Rod and Cane Society series. Spanking erotic stories is Cara's specialty and right up our alley. *wink*

So if you need a little disciplining this week, you're in the right place. And are you on the naughty list? Misbehave just to get spanked? Comment and let us know.
Naughty Reader’s: Tell us a bit about yourself  that our readers might not know.

Cara: I enjoy reality TV shows. I watch TV solely to unwind. I’m a long-time Survivor fan, and I enjoy Amazing Race and the Real Housewives. However, the ones I don’t watch are the Bachelor shows!

Naughty Reader’s: What made you want to become a writer?

Cara: I’ve always been drawn to it and have been good at writing. It came fairly easy to me. So I majored in journalism and worked as a newspaper reporter for several years, then went into public relations. But I didn’t like having to write what other people wanted me to write. I’m a lifelong reader, romance reader. I enjoy sitting at the computer and making stuff up.

Naughty Reader’s: Please share a bit about "Unexpected Consequences" without giving away any spoilers.

Cara: Unexpected Consequences is the first book in the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline erotic romance series about the men and women who belong to secret spanking organization. Here’s the blurb: Jared belongs to the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline. When Melania ignores a “request” from her husband and attempts to hide her disobedience, Jared spanks her.

While Jared believes the unpleasantness has been settled, for Melania it only has begun. Although she consented to the spanking, her fairytale notion of marriage has been shattered and she makes plans to leave Jared as soon as her parents return from vacation.

While she waits, Melania begins to see more positive aspects of domestic discipline. But just as she decides her love for Jared is paramount and she might be able to accept a domestic discipline marriage, Jared discovers she’d planned to leave him and once again her marriage is in jeopardy.

Naughty Reader’s: Do you write under a pen name?

Cara: Yes, Cara Bristol is my pen name.
Naughty Reader’s: What types of hero or heroine do you like best?

Cara: I like macho, dominant heroes who have a trace of vulnerability.
Naughty Reader’s: Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Cara: I love what I do. The worst day writing is better than the best day in my previous corporate jobs, but that said, my writing life would probably seems boring to most people. I get up between 5 and 6 a.m. and work for a few hours. I write 1 – 2 K per day every day. I take a break in the middle of the day, then in the afternoon I’m back at work. About half my time is spent on promo, the other half on writing/editing. I work six hours a day, seven days week.
Naughty Reader’s: Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?

Cara: Spanking is my specialty! Four of my six books include spanking. Unexpected Consequences, False Pretenses and Body Politics are part of the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series, about a secret organization of men who spank and the women who love them. Body Politics is my seventh book, and the third in the series.
Naughty Reader’s: How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

Cara: It varies by length, but in general, about two months. One month for the first draft, then another month to revise, edit and proofread. The revision through proofreading stage takes as long as the first draft stage.
Naughty Reader’s: Do you have to be alone to write?

Cara: Absolutely.
Naughty Reader’s: How do you go about naming characters?

Cara: A variety of ways. Often names just come to me out of the ether. But sometimes I think of names that have special significance. For instance, in Unexpected Consequences, a domestic discipline story, the hero’s surname is Traynor, a version of Trainer, i.e. Train Her. For the heroes, I always pick names that sound masculine to me, and I want them to be short so they’re easier to shout in the throes of passion!
Naughty Reader’s: Is it easier to write about the characters if you find pictures of them before you write or do you write then find character pictures?

Cara: I write, then find characters’ pictures. My characters are figments of my imagination.
Naughty Reader’s: How do you pick locations for your stories?

Cara: I generally use fictitious places that are composites of places I’ve lived. In my mind, the Rod and Cane series is set in California, but the locale is mix of Southern and Northern California.

Naughty Reader’s: What are you working on now and what should readers be looking forward to from you in the future?

Cara: First up, Body Politics the third Rod and Cane Society story will be released by Loose Id on January 8, 2013. It was so much fun to write. I call it my feminist v. dom story. I also have a paranormal erotic spanking novel that is under contract. It’s called Destiny’s Chance. Expect to see that one this year. And I hope/plan to write two more Rod and Cane novels.

Naughty Reader’s: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

Cara: Yes! If readers are interested in discussing spanking fiction, they should check out the Spanking Fiction group on Facebook. It’s a group for people to discuss spanking and spanking fiction. You’ll find out about new releases, but you won’t be bombarded by promo. The link is listed below.

Naughty Reader’s: Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Cara:On the following sites! *smiles*

Twitter: @CaraBristol
Spanking Fiction on Facebook  (This a discussion group I started for readers and authors of spanking fiction).
Rod and Cane Society series buy link on Amazon

EXCERPT: Unexpected Consequences

Melania retrieved her shoes and collapsed onto the vanity bench. Her heart was thumping, and her stomach was upset. She and Jared had just gone head-to-head in the first fight of their new marriage. Unfortunately it wasn’t over. She shouldn’t have sneaked behind his back, but he shouldn’t have refused her. He acted like he had been testing her.
He hadn’t shouted, but he was angry. Perversely, his self-control seemed more ominous than if he had ranted and raved. She felt as if she’d entered the eye of a hurricane. Things appeared calm, but the air crackled with a dangerous energy. She did not want to meet Jared in his office, but she didn’t dare disobey. You could push a man only so far.
Melania wedged her feet into her shoes and gasped when she took a step. The shoes seared her feet like sandpaper rubbing a raw wound. She removed the shoes. Carrying them, she hurried to meet Jared.
His study door was closed. She knocked twice quietly, hoping he wouldn’t hear and she could tiptoe away while still fulfilling the letter of Jared’s law. She’d reported as ordered. It wasn’t her fault if he didn’t hear.
“Come.” His voice, though muffled, was too audible to ignore.
Damn. Melania took a deep breath, turned the handle, and pushed open the heavy paneled door to find her husband bent over his leather-and-wood valet thingy. They had received the unusual stand as a wedding gift from the Rod and Cane Society, but she didn’t know what the piece was. She assumed it was a guy thing. A man toy. The valet’s wide, padded leather seat rested atop four mahogany legs, reminding her of a gymnastics pommel horse. Its height could be adjusted by removing wooden pegs in the legs, as Jared was doing now.
He glanced over his shoulder. “Put your shoes on, please.”
It was on the tip of her tongue to ask why, but she figured her question would annoy him further, so she eased her feet into the shoes.
Jared lowered the leather seat of the valet, then flipped a release, allowing a squared metal ring to pop out of a hidden panel at the base of each leg. She’d never noticed that before.
Melania’s breath caught in her throat as Jared strode from the horse to his large desk, unlocked a drawer, and removed a paddle and four fleece-padded leather bands with buckles. Her heart fluttered as if a hummingbird were caught in her chest cavity. Surely he wasn’t going to—
Her memory flashed to her childhood when she had been particularly naughty and her mother had told her to wait in her room for her father, the one who meted out discipline. She’d hidden under the bed. Her father had found her and administered extra swats to her behind for attempting to avoid punishment. The anxiety that skittered through her now was similar to that time. Jared couldn’t seriously be intending to spank her! Sure, they had discussed his right to correct her behavior through corporal discipline—but only if needed and as a last resort. All she’d done was buy a pair of shoes. Surely that didn’t warrant a spanking!
She swallowed hard and wet her lips. Steeling her courage, she asked, “What are you doing?”
His eyes met her gaze. “I’m preparing to spank you.”

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Author Kay Dee Royal - Paranormal, Fantasy & Erotic Romance

Kay Dee Royal visits with us this week in a quaint little cabin nestled in the woods. Don't be fooled by the outside appearance because once inside you'll find the cabin is bigger than it seems; several rooms including a hot tub and an indoor pool. Join us for hot cocoa and Baileys - Yum!

Kay Dee is a good buddy of ours. She loves promoting fellow authors like we do. She writes, blogs, reviews books and even finds the time to edit. Kay Dee is here to share why she loves to write and her latest release. There's a contest for an Ecopy of one of her books - see details below!

Naughty Reader’s: Hi Kay Dee! Awesome place to meet and chat! Tell us a bit about yourself that our readers might not know.

Kay Dee: First off – thank you Brenda and Tonya (ladies of The Naughty Reader's Boudoir) for having me. I love hanging out here – perfect place for erotic readers and writers to meet.

Okay, my thing not many know about me…I love to watch superhero action-packed adventure movies or television shows like the X-men – Wolfman (with some romance preferred)

Naughty Reader’s: (Brenda) Oh, I love X-Men. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - Yeahh! What made you want to become a writer?

Kay Dee: I’ve always liked to write, so when I left the corporate world twelve years ago, I decided to get serious about it.

Naughty Reader’s: Please share a bit about your new release How to Net a Prince without giving away any spoilers.

Kay Dee: How to Net a Prince is a story in the Lacey’s Lamp Anthology – published by Muse It Hot. It’s a fantasy erotic romance short that includes a wise genie named Lacey ~ here’s the blurb:

Netta’s emotionally broken, lonely, and ready to move forward, but how?
Gallant loves life, but wants someone to share it with, when?
Stars align once Netta walks into Lacey’s Lamp and makes a wish… 

Naughty Reader’s: Do you write under a pen name?

Kay Dee: Yes, Kay Dee Royal is a pen name for the erotic romance genre and I have another for YA fiction.

Naughty Reader’s: What types of hero or heroine do you like best?

Kay Dee: Honestly, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like the heroine bold, courageous, would stand up to anything (a spitfire) and other times I like her a little naïve, but intelligent. I like heroes almost always to have alpha characteristics: loyal, on a mission, intelligent, courageous, strong, the only thing that can bring him to his knees is the woman he loves.

Naughty Reader’s: Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Kay Dee: First thing in the morning I’m promoting blog posts, quickly check emails, then I’m writing or rewriting my WIP – and some days I’m editing other authors.

Naughty Reader’s: Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?

Kay Dee: My novellas are all different, but my Lycan (LIIA) Series has a common theme and subplots through each of the books. Working on book 2 – Savage Smoke right now…almost ready to submit.

Naughty Reader’s: How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

Kay Dee:  It depends – I don’t have an average yet – some have taken as little as two months (novellas) and one of the novels I’m working on now has taken over a year…the other I put away for a couple of years and just hauled it back out to finish and polish.

Naughty Reader’s: Do you have to be alone to write?

Kay Dee: I’m easily distracted…like a dog with a squirrel – I have a lot of squirrels. I’m most productive alone and in the quiet…or music without words.

Naughty Reader’s: How do you go about naming characters?

Kay Dee: Brainstorm…when it feels right, I run with it.

Naughty Reader’s: Is it easier to write about the characters if you find pictures of them before you write or do you write then find character pictures?

Kay Dee: I believe you got me on this question before when I was here – and I still haven’t looked for pictures of my story-stars, but I think it’s a great idea…I’m a very visual person and know it would be a great addition to keep those creative juices flowing.

Naughty Reader’s: How do you pick locations for your stories?

Kay Dee: In most of my stories I write in locations that are familiar to me, but the Lycan series has stretched me to do some research – they move around the world.

Naughty Reader’s: What are you working on now and what should readers be looking forward to from you in the future?

Kay Dee: Mentioned this earlier – I’m working on the Lycan International Investigation Agency Series – Savage Smoke (Book 2), an erotic paranormal action-packed romance. I’m also working on a YA Paranormal Fantasy.

Naughty Reader’s: Where can readers find out more about you and your books?
Kay Dee: On the following sites!


Thanks so much, Brenda and Tonya…you ladies ROCK!!!

Two winners will win a PDF copy of Lacey’s Lamp: How to Net a Prince – short story (not the anthology – as publisher hasn’t put all the stories together into one book yet). Or anything on my backlist (PDF Copy): One Plus One, Staring Into the Eyes of Chance, Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, Seducing the Myth Anthology.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite romance movie, and a few sentences on why you liked it. I'll pick the best answer on Sunday, December 23. Good luck!

Kay Dee Royal Bio: Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal and fantasy romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genre to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Lower Michigan with her family (her dogs, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can reach her at her blog and find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot and on her Amazon Author Page

How To Net a Prince
Lacey's Lamp Series
Genre: Fantasy Romance Erotic – WARNING: Explicit sex scenes 18+

Netta’s emotionally broken, lonely, and ready to move forward, but how?
Gallant loves life, but wants someone to share it with, when?

Stars align once Netta walks into Lacey’s Lamp and makes a wish…


“Why Lacey’s Lamp?” I asked.
“Because I’m Lacey, a genie,” she said, and then waved her arms, encompassing the whole room, “and this is my lamp. I can grant you any wish.”
I chuckled, but Lacey remained serious. So, I pulled myself together and introduced myself, “I’m Netta, it’s nice to meet you.”
Lacey’s brows gathered as if in thought. It became a lengthy uncomfortable moment as she stood across the bar from me mixing a drink. “Tell me about it, woman to woman.” Lacey handed me the tall, frosty glass filled with swirling shades of orange and green. “First one’s on the house.” Her brows arched and her head titled as if she waited for me to take a drink.
I took a quick sip from the skinny straw and words began spilling out, all about Nick, how I failed, how I was lonely, and how I felt afraid. A couple of hours I spewed, until I finally said, “I wish for a man who loves me just the way I am. Who thinks I’m amazing, who rocks my world and believes I’m the only woman in his.”
“So, in other words, you’re more or less looking for a devoted, good looking man, who loves you. A real prince charming, am I right?”
“Yeah, do you think you could order up a tall, dark, and handsome one of those for take-out?”
“Your wish is my command.” She winked at me and walked away.


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Rising Currents’ Book One: Louisiana Moon by Lani Rhea

To continue this week with Lani Rhea's books, we have a special treat! An excerpt from Louisiana Moon.

Rising Currents’: Louisiana Moon as of today does not have a set release day. But will be in winter of 2013. Keep an eye out for this book. For you wouldn’t want to miss it!  



Wanted: Royal blood. Bounty: An action packed, sexy, suspenseful tale.

After losing her parents to vampires, werewolf Kristina Knight spends her life protecting humans from the bloodsuckers. Saving Darin James from the Truce Brotherhood adds fuel to the vampire coven's wrath. When Ryant Starga, her former lover, appears under the pretext of protecting her, Kris isn't ready to trust him a
gain--especially not after he made his choice clear years ago.

As leader of the vampires, Ryant is driven to protect Kris not only because of their past connection but because, now, the Soulscapes are out for her blood. If they succeed, the soul demons will rule the Darkworld--and no one will ever be safe. Ryant has a plan to convince Kris she needs his protection, but it all goes badly awry when, in spite of the years separating them, he's unable to keep his hands and mind off her--or the human Darin James out of the picture.

With Darin overstepping boundaries, will Kris and Ryant rekindle their love only to lose it again?

Warning: Vampires, werewolves and humans--oh my!

“I will not leave until you give me what I desire.”
He rubbed his right thumb over his fingertips. The shiny rings clicked together, echoing through the room. He wouldn’t scare a ‘Yes’ out of her with the threat of his fist.
“I can’t help you. How many times do I have to repeat myself?”
His jaw ticked as he swallowed. “Why not?” Focusing on her well-endowed chest, he licked his bottom lip. What did he hide?
Anger boiled inside. A warm flush suffused her face. She cleared her throat in disgust. It goes to show, alive or dead, men never change.
He cleared his throat, straightened in his seat, and smiled. Aw, he’d evolved a bit more than most men. Other men would’ve kept staring.
“Tell me why you cannot, Kristina?”
The air between them pressurized, collapsing her lungs with a gnawing burn. She swallowed hard to prevent gagging from the sweet aroma behind the pressure.
“I don’t want to be placed in the middle of whatever is going on between Vampires and the Soulscapes.”
Did this vamp lose his mind? He should know this stuff. Soulscapes needed cement or rock to come alive. Spells protecting the steel rooms trapped them underground and would never collapse. And those boxes were scattered around various parts of the United States. She didn’t know every single location, only a few in the northern states. Did she care to find the rest? No.
He tilted his head to the right and smiled, flashing fangs. “For your benefit, I suggest you get involved.”
Kris lowered her chin, looking into his blue starburst eyes, watching for the slightest movement. She shifted, curling her fingers around her business jacket pleats. “How many more visits will it take for you to understand the word no?”
His smile disappeared. “We never take no for an answer. Like the servants before me, I’ll ask again, in a nice way. If you refuse, I’ll make you say yes.” He paused. “Will you be kind and help me track down an escapee who holds information that could possibly start a war within the Darkworld?”
Her heart pounded on the threat and skipped a beat on the word war. What was he talking about?
His eyes flicked to ogle her breasts again. “You’re hot.”
Her blood pressure rose, and her cheeks flushed. Which pissed her off. “I suggest you focus on my face if you wish to continue this conversation.”
His face hardened at her returned threat. Kris read the surprise in his eyes and pinned him with a glare. The undead asshole squirmed a bit.
Ah, she’d hit a nerve. Good. She’d push his buttons to make him leave.
He scooted to the chair edge. “I meant your skin puts off more heat, energy, than anyone I’ve ever known.” Launders sniffed the air as his gaze roamed her body.
The vampire better keep his distance. Her teeth clenched, and she lifted her chin. “You’re an arrogant ass.”
In a flash, he loomed over her, hands braced on the mahogany wood between them. “You’d better watch your mouth when you speak to me or I’ll rip your--”
A low, eerie snarl escaped her throat.
Launders backed off in an instant. He stared at her torso then his eyes narrowed. “You’re a werewolf.” Not a question. “How did I not know? How old are you?”
A new bloodsucker...not the master like she suspected, hmm.
Her lips formed a sly smile. Only the ancient ones sensed her energy signature. “A lady never reveals her true age. You should be up to date on that. Let’s say I’ve been around long enough to see guys like you come and go.”
His upper lip curled on a hiss.
Kris stood. “Get out. Now.”

Twitter: @RheasRomance