Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lesbian Romance with Tonya Kinzer

Tonya Kinzer
Lesbian Romance

Book 1:
     Sandi’s career has taken off as a model and she loves her photographer…just not the way he wished she did. The men of her past abused her one too many times and the one woman in her life is being treated the same way. Can she get Kiera away from her abusive relationship and show her what true love really is? The two of them have been roommates for a year where Sandi has been forced to comfort Kiera each time she’s been abused by her dates. Determined to put a stop to the abuse, Sandi has to show Kiera a new relationship already exists for her.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Domination Switches Places, giveaway included by Tonya Kinzer

Tonya Kinzer
Erotic Romance

     First I’d like to thank Naughty Reader’s for letting me blog with you for a few days! We’re in a bondage dungeon straight out of book five, Under Her Command. Nick and Sondra are with me and we’re down here with all kinds of ‘equipment’ used for teasing and torturing submissives! * eyeing the St Andrews Cross over in the corner, letting my mind go crazy with all sorts of images * Oh, sorry! Being down here with all this is a bit distracting! LOL