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Eden Baylee - Erotic Romance Author!

Eden Baylee
Erotic Romance Author

     We're excited to have this week's author with us but even more, to introduce you to her newest release, Hot Flash! Please welcome Eden, this week's sexy author. She'll be around to chat with you about her books.
      Along with leaving a comment or question for Eden, don't forget to enter her Rafflecopter contest as one lucky entrant will win a free e-copy of Hot Flash! Eden, welcome to our Boudoir. The boas are hanging over the bar as you grab your drink; we're excited to have you! The sexy bartender is over there to serve you, so please grab your favorite drink, your boa, and let's get started.

Naughty Reader’s: Tell us a bit about yourself  that our readers might not know.

Eden:  Thanks so much for having me here on your great blog! There’s so much about me out there I can’t possibly have any secrets (heh)…okay, here’s one.  I can’t dance with a man because I tend to lead. As much as I try not to, it ends up looking more like a wrestling match than a dance.

Naughty Reader’s: That has to make it hard for dancing close, hon! But do they eventually let you lead? We'd also like to know what made you want to become a writer?

Eden:  I was tired of being a banker, but more accurately, I have always loved to write and have wanted to do it most of my life.

Naughty Reader’s: Please share a bit about your new release HOT FLASH without giving away any spoilers.

Eden: The funny thing is I was going to feature my second book (Spring into Summer) when I decided to do this interview, so it’s a good thing I have a new release! The title of Hot Flash is word play for erotic flash fiction. The book is made up of twenty erotic short stories and poems, along with two non-erotic holiday stories.

Naughty Reader’s: Readers, are you taking notes here? Twenty stories! Got that?? Do you write under a pen name?

Eden: Yes.

Naughty Reader’s: What types of hero or heroine do you like best?

Eden: The intelligent kind. I have little tolerance for stupid people in real life, and I don’t write them into my fiction.

Naughty Reader’s:  We hear you there. When we understand something, its hard for us that others don't get it. Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Eden: It’s simple. Get up, turn on laptop, do some social media networking, answer emails, and either write new books or promote current books.

Naughty Reader’s: Simple but oh so time-consuming but at the same time, we're able to connect with readers. Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?

Eden:  My first two books, Fall into Winter and Spring into Summer were both anthologies of four novellas each.
All eight novellas are distinct and unrelated, except by the seasons. 
In Hot Flash, the stories are much shorter, but each is erotic and sensual in its own way, and many have playful twists with a touch of irreverent humor.

Naughty Reader’s: *both of us squirming in our chairs just thinking of twenty short, erotic readers* How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

Eden: I don’t have a formula for this.  I work with loosely self-imposed deadlines, and the story is done when I’m happy with it. I never compromise quality for quantity.

Naughty Reader’s: Great point, Eden! Do you have to be alone to write?

Eden: No, but I need it to be quiet—no music, screaming kids, barking dogs. Luckily, I don’t have screaming kids and barking dogs.
Naughty Reader’s: For those of us who might, it makes writing more difficult at times. How do you go about naming characters?

Eden: I Google baby names and choose something that rolls off my tongue for characters I like. For characters I don’t like, I choose names of ex-lovers. (Just kidding … not really)

Naughty Reader’s: Is it easier to write about the characters if you find pictures of them before you write or do you write then find character pictures?

Eden:  I’m not inspired by gorgeous ‘model’ types in either the men or women I write about, so I don’t use pictures.
     Erotic storytelling, to me, is so much more than physically beautiful people having sex. I tend NOT to be too descriptive in the physical features because each reader sees beauty differently. It’s enough to provide some general descriptors to allow readers to imagine the characters in their own minds’ eye.

Naughty Reader’s:  Readers, just keep a towel handy when you read her books and save yourself a mess!
How do you pick locations for your stories?

Eden: I’ve traveled extensively and continue to do so when possible. Most places I’ve written about are because I’ve been there—London, Dublin, Bangkok, New York, Vienna, Amsterdam, etc.
     If I haven’t traveled to them, then I research it, but firsthand experience is always better.

Naughty Reader’s: Oooo, London, Bangkok, Amsterdam...visiting those places had to be fun! Brenda, you're not booking a trip! Get back over here! Eden, what are you working on now and what should readers be looking forward to from you in the future?

Eden: Since Hot Flash just released Nov. 20th, I’ll promote it for a bit. Aside from that, I’m  re-branding myself with my first two books, so stay tuned to see more releases by year-end.

Naughty Reader’s: Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Eden:  My personal links are listed below:

Buy links

Amazon UK

 Naughty Reader's:  Readers, thank you so much for joining us today. Eden will be around all week. After you enter her contest, we hope you'll leave a comment to chat with her. Be sure to visit her websites and grab a copy of one of her books! Thanks again!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Erotic Romance Author Sharon Hamilton

 Sharon Hamilton
Erotic Romance Author

      Thank you for stopping in to meet Sharon today. What a surprise for those of you who love reading about military men! Tssss! She has a few sizzling hot books for you to check out and hopefully head over to buy your own copies! Sharon also has a contest at the end of the interview - You won't want to miss getting in on this one - all who enter will receive a short story, just leave the title you'd like inside the entry form but DO leave a comment or question for Sharon. She'll be around all week to talk hot sexy men with you! Let's get started!

Naughty Reader’s:  Tell us a bit about yourself  that our readers might not know. What made you want to become a writer?

Sharon:  I originally wanted to be a marriage and family counselor, so studied psychology in college. Along the way to helping my new husband, who was an Air Force vet, and contractor, we started buying and selling fix-up properties, doing small subdivisions, and then I started in Real Estate, which I did for almost 25 years. I was the top producer for my county, and had a successful career coaching agents, working for the most respected national Real Estate sales trainer. I learned a lot about what NOT to do by mentoring other people, and meeting and sitting next to leaders in the field of human potential and development, like Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and others.
       When our house burned down in 2008, and we lost everything; it was a very low point in our lives, after having worked so hard. I began doing what I’d always wanted to do: write. I sat down on December 15, 2008 and by January 15, 2009, my first book was written. Actually, it wrote itself. That book got re-written 57 times before I published it last summer.
       I’ve raised 4 children, and a husband. LOL.

Naughty Reader’s:  Wow! We can't imagine what it must have felt like to sit next to Brian Tracy and the other top speakers! What an honor and motivater that had to be! Please a bit about your SEAL Brotherhood series without giving away any spoilers.

Sharon:  Fallen SEAL Legacy is Book 2 of my SEAL Brotherhood series. In Book 1, Accidental SEAL, SO Calvin “Coop” Cooper is introduced as a secondary character. He’s a Nebraska farm boy, 6’7”, can fix anything and is most comfortable under an old tractor or pickup truck. He loves gadgets and things that go boom in the night. But he’s trained as a Navy SEAL Medic. The storyline goes that Coop is ordered to meet the family of a fallen SEAL, after his own family is wiped out in a tornado. Coop meets the beautiful niece of this fallen hero, and they start a passionate affair neither one is ready for. When the family discovers a deranged man intent on kidnapping and killing her is targeting them, Cooper (of course) saves the day, using his equipment and Navy SEAL training.

Naughty Reader’s:
  Sounds like a winning series, Sharon. The tension is not only from the drama but the sexual encounter as well! Do you write under a pen name?

Sharon:  No, I use my real name.

Naughty Reader’s: What types of hero or heroine do you like best?

Sharon: In my military romances, I like Navy SEALs who are real life heroes with almost paranormal abilities, due to their training. I like to show them as completely alpha, competent and confident. But when it comes to love, the women they are lucky to love literally send them to their knees. No training program helps them cope with the enormous feelings of loyalty and fierce love these larger-than-life heroes possess.
      The women they love are also confident. I like to write that my couples each have what the other lacks, although sometimes they don’t see this at the time. I think it is also important to make my characters seem real, people you would want to be stranded with at the end of the world. People you could always count on.

Naughty Reader’s:  Readers have to connect with real characters to be pulled into the story. They also love to know what we do all day! Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Sharon:  I generally get up between 5-5:30. I have a ½ hour quiet time, do some reading. I try to get on my computer before 7 AM. My most productive mornings are when I get to write new words, and I always do this to music. I have favorite pieces I write certain scenes to. Mid day is taken up with the business of being an author, being a wife, mother and grandmother. At night I write often until nearly 10, when I try to be in bed. My daily goal is to write 3k words, or to do 50 pages of edits.

Naughty Reader’s:  Having and meeting daily words goals are a must as an author. Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?

Sharon: Yes, my tagline is: Love Heals In The Gardens Of The Heart. I truly believe in the healing power of love, that when two people get together, the sum of the parts is more than two. I also write that deep committed love can cure anything.

Naughty Reader’s: Love your by-line! How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

Sharon:  The initial writing can take 3-6 months, usually around 4. Editing can take that long. I often edit while I write the next one, because I like to let things “percolate” a bit during my last, deep edits. Editing is much harder for me than writing new words, for some reason. I am a slow reader.

Naughty Reader’s:
 Do you have to be alone to write?

Sharon:  My Dr. Dre headsets make it so I can write anywhere. As long as I have music pumped in, and can’t hear anything outside, I’m good to go. Visual cues don’t distract me. Sounds do, for some reason.

Naughty Reader’s:  Is it easier to write about the characters if you find pictures of them before you write or do you write then find character pictures?

Sharon:  I like to look for actors who best portray my characters. For SO Calvin Cooper, the actor I would select to portray him is Tatum Channing.

Naughty Reader’s:  ooooo - he's definitely got that sexy eye contact going on! How do you pick locations for your stories?

Sharon:  For the SEAL series, San Diego is the site for the stories. But I’ve made up beach names, street names, so don’t be looking to find any of them on a map! But being a west coast team, Cooper is based in San Diego. For my other heroes, I try to use Sonoma County (Northern California Wine Country), which is where I live.

Naughty Reader’s:  What are you working on now and what should readers be looking forward to from you in the future?

Sharon:  Fallen SEAL Legacy will be out early December this year. My next book will be Mortal Bite, Book 2 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany, Paolo’s story.

Naughty Reader’s:  Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Sharon: Here are my links...

  Facebook      Twitter

all available through Amazon


        You guys are in for a treat. I have never before posted this excerpt. Since this is a naughty blog, I’ve given you a naughty excerpt from Fallen SEAL Legacy. Hope you enjoy the book when it comes out in a few weeks:
        A small figure stood at the motor home door, knocking. Bay was having a fit inside. At first Coop thought it was Daisy, back after having an uncharacteristic change of heart. But no, it was someone with auburn hair. Long auburn hair. Long legs. The shape of her ass as she stood on tiptoe while she knocked, looked vaguely familiar.
          He’d been trained to move without a sound, and he did so, until he got to within a foot of the woman. He smelled lavender, and vanilla. She wore a pinky ring on her right hand that glinted in the moonlight.
           “Can I help you,” his voice was husky.
           She immediately turned, eyes wide and fearful. She slammed her body up against the shell of his silver beast, trying to distance herself from him.
           Libby Brownlee.
          “Oh. My. God. You scared me to death.”
         “Not quite. You look quite alive to me.” The anger he felt toward Libby and her family evaporated. “Why are you here?”
         “I—I just came because—I—felt bad—I wanted to—to—apologize for my father. You don’t understand. He is a very fine man. He just—“
         “He just blames the Navy for the loss of his brother.” Bay was barking. “I’ve got to let him out or he’ll shred the insides of my home.”
        “No problem.”
        She stepped aside and he unlocked the door, letting the dog practically topple Libby. Coop reprimanded him, but Libby was laughing.
         “Who’s this?” she asked between giggles.
       “This is Bay. I brought him back from…from my home. He’s just getting used to things out here.”
       “Ah. Well, Bay,” she said as she knelt and rubbed Bay’s ears, putting her nose close to the dog’s, “How do you like our ocean and our great weather, huh?”
    “C’mon, Bay. If you’re gonna just socialize, you’ve got to go back inside.”
      The dog ran off a few yards down the parking lot, sniffed the ground around several cars parked in the darkening early evening. When Bay came back, Coop put him in the trailer and locked it.
        “So, you were talking about your father being a good guy and all—“
        “Well, yes. But what I meant to say is that he is a fine, caring person—“
         “Save it. Not interested in excuses. He send you?”
       “Of course not. I just thought it was wrong. Wrong how he interacted with you. That’s all. I guess this was a mistake…”
          Libby turned to go and Coop grabbed her arm. “Sorry.” He dropped his grip. “Stay for a bit. Then you can go.”
          The two stood close enough that he could feel the heat from her body. She was a lethal complicated combination of spirit and emotion. Cooper liked girls who were easier to figure out. Though it wasn’t wise, he found himself making nice.
      “I’d invite you in, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. Besides, the housekeeper has the day off. And Bay has had his way with the decorating and all.” His little smile was returned. Her eyes softened. Even in the dim light he could see her full lips, painted a deep pink, pucker as she formed her careful words.
         “No problem.” She searched his face. He wanted to step to her, see if she would shrink if he slipped his hand up under her cotton top. But he held firm.
          “You cold?” he asked.
          She nodded.
         “Let me go get a blanket. We’ll sit outside and finish our talk, okay?”
          That word again. Why do women like to use it all the time?
        Coop unlocked the door and in two strides grabbed the throw on his dinette couch without turning on the lights. He bid the dog stay curled on the dog bed in the middle of the floor. He didn’t want Libby to see the interior of his soul. After all, this wasn’t a date.
        He walked down the beach toward the surf and she followed slightly behind. He placed the blanket around her shoulders, feeling the smooth texture of her neck and upper arm as he did so. She grabbed the blanket together at her chest and sat down in tandem with him.
        She was looking out to sea, the last remnants of the now-purple sky turning grey. A few stars began to come out. She leaned back and scanned the blue twilight ceiling.
         “I love how you can see the stars here. Not like where I live,” she said.
         “You don’t live in San Diego?”
         “No. I’m in San Jose. I was going to the University of Santa Clara.”
         “I’m taking a semester off.”
         Coop didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t gotten his college degree yet, though he had started. “Time off can be a good thing,” he said but didn’t mean it.
     “I’m getting my master’s in psychology. I’ve been going to school non-stop for seventeen years. I don’t know, I just needed a break. Probably a stupid idea, but the thought of plunging into another year of studies frightened me, for some reason.”
         “So you’ll live at home, then?”
        “No. I can’t think there.”
         Coop was going to let her tell him. He didn’t want to ask, but he was dying to know.
       Better stop this or you’ll get your dick in a ringer. Last thing he wanted to do was report back to Timmons that he’d not made contact with the brother, but fucked his daughter.
         Shit. Cooper, you’re a fuckin’ asshole.
       “I think best here. Everything seems right with the world when I’m in the water, or at the beach. Especially just after sunset.” Cooper chastised himself for being such a fucking romantic.
           What the hell are you doing?
        Libby turned her face to his. He watched as her pretty eyes fluttered over his features, ending with his mouth. Unless he had totally gone off his rocker, the lady was feeling something for him. Although excited, he wasn’t sure he should be.
      “I’m sorry about your family,” she whispered over the sounds of the waves in the distance.
        This unexpected painful reminder he was a damaged soul bothered him. He understood why she said it. Why do women always want to heal guys? He’d seen his share of relationship train wrecks in the SEAL community. He wasn’t sure he believed it was possible to do it successfully. But if he did, she might—
           Damn. Stop this right now.
       Cooper tore himself from her eyes and sifted sand between his bent knees. She was barely touching his thigh with her own. He hadn’t noticed that before. The warm glow tingled up his leg, sending his junk into alert status.
         “My father had no right to treat you that way. I want to apologize for his behavior. That isn’t who we are. We’ve never met—“ Libby stopped, her voice wavering. This was hard for her.
        Her eyes searched his. It was so simple and happened so fast. He leaned in and placed his lips over hers to stop her from talking. He was going to back away, but she moved forward and increased the pressure. His tongue slipped along her lower lip until she parted them and he was in.
       He touched her cheeks with the back of both hands, and then sent his fingers into her hair at the back of her head, pulling her into him. She did not resist, but melted into his chest. He kissed her neck and heard her moan. Her smell, her breath, the taste of her lips put him in a trance. He wanted her. It was so wrong, but he wanted her more than he’d wanted a woman in years.
        Her hands smoothed over his shoulders and down his chest. Her fingers moved further and rubbed over his erection tenting the front of his cargo pants. She stroked him, barely touching his sensitive part through the fabric.
          You want this? You want to do me right here?
       Coop was surprised. He didn’t want to ask if she knew what she was doing. Hell, he didn’t know what he was doing. Before he could think further, she had moved a thigh over his legs and was straddling him. She reached for his cock, coaxing it outside, and moved her fingers up and down, squeezing him.
         “I don’t have anything,” he whispered.
         “I’m on the pill,” she whispered back and kissed him.
         Well okay, then.
      Coop lay back, slipping a hand under her and felt her press into his palm. He unbuttoned her pants and peeled them off her hips as she raised her body. He pulled the blanket up over her bikini-clad butt. His fingers massaged the cleft between her cheeks. Under the blanket he diverted her panties to the side and placed his throbbing cock there. She inhaled, raised her torso up and then came down on him to the hilt.
      Like magic their two bodies moved in the moonlight. He couldn’t get enough. He stroked her wet insides, moving against lips that hugged him. He raised her body up and down on his shaft as she moaned her pleasure.
        She leaned forward and covered his mouth with kisses. The woman was beyond hot. He arched his cock up and into her while she pressed her breasts against his chest. She raised her shirt, slipped her bra up over her mounds and pressed the delicious flesh against his pecs.
        He needed the feel of her skin. He needed to see all of her. He needed to kiss all of her. He was not going to let her go until morning.

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