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Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land; A chat with Author Liz Adams April 8 - 13


Congratulations to Shadow for winning a copy of
Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land!

Tonya and I are very excited to introduce you to Liz Adams, a new erotic author on the block! She's here to chat about her debut novel Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land due to be released later this month.

Now we all know Alice fell down the hole, but what did she really find? Well our naughty friends read on and you'll find out. Watch out for the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit; their lurking around here somewhere! And they aren't the ordinary Wonderland characters. We visit today with Liz at her gym. So put on your tennies, grab a bottle of water and meet us by the treadmills.

Naughty Reader’s: Welcome Liz! Tell us a bit about yourself  that our readers might not know.

Liz:  Thanks for meeting me at my gym. I've had such a hectic schedule was nice of you to go out of your way to meet me here. I was a freelance model while I finished my music and creative writing degrees at UCLA. And let me tell you, there is nothing sexy or glamorous about modeling. During the winter they shoot the summer line so you're wearing bathing suits and freezing the whole time, and during the summer they shoot the winter line so your wearing heavy sweaters in the blistering heat! What's worse is all the camera men are heavyset guys. Bill, if you're reading this, I love you and you take great pictures but I'm a sucker for buff guys. I guess that's why I like coming here so much. Don't tell my hubby! (laughs) Ooh! Check out the hunk at the SmIth machine!

Naughty Reader’s: Umm, well...Tonya has him on the mat now! LOL She's so bad. What made you want to become a writer?

Liz: The money. (laughs) Actually, when I was 14, my girlfriend and I found a dirty newspaper in the bushes. She and I returned to her house and giggled over the pictures of naked women. But when she read aloud some of the letters of men's fantasies, more than just my face got hot! She was gracious enough to let me keep the paper. That is, I pulled it out of her trash can when she wasn't looking. When I think back on it, she made such a show of throwing it away, she was probably going to retrieve it from the trash herself after I left! (laughs) Anyhow, I really wore that newspaper down as I read those letters over and over. I finally tried writing out my own fantasies when I was 16. About a year later, I sent one to Penthouse Forum and it was published! I was so excited, I decided to work hard at improving my writing so I took up creative writing in UCLA.

Naughty Reader’s: Please share a bit about your new release "Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land" without giving away any spoilers.

Liz:  I've always enjoyed the surreal nature of Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland was a place where you could never predict what would happen next. All the laws of physics went out the window. As I grew older, I noticed my sexual fantasies often also disregarded the laws of physics. So when I wanted my first book to be about a sexual awakening, it made perfect sense for it to take place in a world where anything can happen. I mean, where else can a woman play croquet where the mallets are well-endowed men. Very VERY well-endowed! (laughs) Oops! Was that a spoiler? (laughs)

N.R.: You said you wanted your book to be about a sexual awakening. How come you titled it "Alice's Sexual Discovery" and not "Alice's Sexual Awakening?"

Liz: I know, right? I wanted the title to be "Alice's Sexual Awakening" but Ezra is a wiz at titles. He said there were too many book with the keyword "sexual awakening" in their title, and few books had the title "Sexual Discovery." And yet thousands of people do a search on Google for "sexual discovery" every month, so the chances of my book being discovered by my readers would be a lot higher with that one little title change.

Naughty Reader’s: Do you write under a pen name?

Liz:  Yes. Liz Adams is my pen name. My writing coaches Beth and Ezra Barany recommended I have one in case I publish in another genre as I plan to one of these days. And also to keep the stalkers away! (laughs) Ezra suggested that my last name start with an A so that my book will appear at the top if the reader's Kindle bookshelf is organized by author. Pretty clever, eh? Is it my imagination or is that guy at the treadmill staring at us?

Naughty Reader’s: *Tonya glances over her shoulder* Yes, he's looking. Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Liz:  After my husband kisses me goodbye as he goes to work, I get out of bed, go to the gym, come home for breakfast, sit at my desk, and think of my hubby. I often picture all the ways we could have met and had sex for the first time. First time sex is a very big thing for me! (laughs) "Alice's Sexual Discovery" was challenging because there is no one man in the story. Alice goes from character to character, having barely enough time to build a relationship. So I just imagined each character as my husband, though I'm not sure how great of an idea that was. In "Alice's Sexual Discovery" there ends up being a lot of stranger sex, sex with strangers, even though, to me, it felt like I knew the characters my whole life.

Naughty Reader’s: Whew! *Brenda takes a long swig of water, wipes forehead with towel* Tonya and Liz, it's getting hot in here! How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

Liz:  My rough drafts are pretty fast. I've succeeded in doing NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month. I've written 50,000 words in one month. But the edits are what slow me down. I started "Alice's Sexual Discovery" in October 2011 and planned to publish it April 1st. Beth Barany advised that I wait until I make sure the writing is pristine before releasing it. So I've been making my final round of edits and we've postponed the release until the end of April. Whoa! Check out the tight abs on that guy changing his shirt!

Naughty Reader’s: Do you have to be alone to write?

Liz:  I have an AlphaSmart which allows me to write anywhere easily. But I can only write so much. There's no problem with writing about Mack seeing his high school sweetheart Sherry at a reunion. I can even write about his suggestive glances and throaty laughter as they flirt. But once I get to the scenes where Mack grabs Sherry in his strong arms and melts her with a hot kiss that shoots straight to her pussy, then yeah, unless it's my husband, I need to be alone. (turns to an eavesdropping neighbor) Close your ears. This is a private conversation. (laughs)

Naughty Reader's: Well Liz, we're going to stand by the men's locker room for a bit and see if we can peek in as the door opens. LOL You have something special to share with the readers. Come on Tonya, follow me!

Liz: Well. I'll giveaway "Alice" as an eBook to one lucky commenter! Leave your email address so we can easily contact the winner. *glances towards the locker room door* You two make room for me!

Like my Facebook Fan page and watch for the release date! "Alice will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


Alice came upon a strange man licking the roses at the side of the road. The man was flat. Literally, two-dimensional. The trunk of his body was squashed and flat like a piece of paper. His flat body was dressed in green overalls with three red hearts on his breast pocket.
But his head and limbs were normal.
The man stood over one of the rose bushes. He guided one of the white roses to his lips, and licked its petals.
At least, it was a white rose.
Or was it red?
Actually, it looked like red liquid dripped from his tongue as he painted the white petals red.
“Are you bleeding?” Alice asked.
The man jumped. “You—you scared me.”
“I’m sorry, it’s just—your mouth is all red. Are you bleeding?”
 “No, I’m painting.” He glanced over his shoulder down the road as if to see if anyone was coming. “I’m the gardener, and was supposed to plant red roses for the queen.” He rushed his words in a conspiratorial tone. “There was a mix-up with the seeds. Some white roses grew with the red roses. If I don’t paint these white roses red before the queen arrives, she’ll have my head!” He rushed both hands over his crotch to emphasize his point, and then guided the white rose he was painting back to his lips.
Alice stifled a laugh. What was the queen going to do with his flat body, cut a hole where his penis should be?
“I know a gardener who works in my yard. His name is Jack.” Alice wasn’t really sure why she said this. Maybe it was because she didn’t know what else to say.
A distant voice boomed. “Here comes the queen!”
Alice and the gardener turned toward the road. A parade of flat people marched in front of a high seat being carried by more flat people. On the high seat was a woman who must have been the queen.
“No! No! No!” The gardener said in a panicked voice. “I’m not finished! If she sees what I’ve done she’ll have my head!”
Alice didn’t think he had anything to worry about. Surely the queen would understand a mix-up with the red rose and white rose seeds. But what if the queen were as ruthless as people had been saying?
“Quick,” Alice said. “Hide under my dress!”
“Thank you! Thank you!” The gardener folded over and positioned himself between Alice’s legs.
The processional of flat people approached. They wore military uniforms. When they were close enough, Alice could see the rows of hearts like medals across their coats. These flat soldiers kept their heads at attention, staring straight down the road as they passed Alice as if she wasn’t there.
As the raised platform with the queen was passing Alice, Alice was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the queen shouted, “Stop!”
Alice stood tall and demure as was expected before a queen. Though she’d never actually met one.
The entire processional came to a halt. The queen gazed down her nose at Alice. A beautiful woman with challenging eyes. Long, black hair under a golden crown, and red lips in the shape of a heart. “Who is that woman?” the queen yelled at a soldier.
“Not known, your highness!” the soldier called out.
“Idiot,” the queen muttered. To Alice she said, “Who are you?”
“I’m Alice.” She tried her best to curtsey without hitting the gardener beneath her.
“Well, Alice, why are these roses white?”
Alice felt a finger pull aside her underwear, exposing her pussy to the open air.
“How should I know?” Alice gulped, and suppressed a shiver.
The queen grit her teeth. “Where is the gardener?”
Alice felt the gardener’s warm breath against her exposed cleft. A tongue stroked along the side of her folds. Even though no one could see her pussy being licked by the gardener, having them all watch her getting turned on was enough to make her blush. 
“The gardener?” Alice asked giving way to the embarrassment she felt by smiling.
“Yes. Where is the gardener?”
His moist tongue ran across the other side of her folds. Alice felt herself open up. What was he doing? Painting her pink folds red? Did he think she had a rose between her legs? The gardener found her deep opening. Alice felt his hot tongue slip deeper, painting her with fervent strokes.
“The…gardener?” Alice managed.
The queen huffed and exasperated breath. “Do you even know what a gardener is?”
Yes, Alice thought. I’m getting to know his tongue very well.
The gardener discovered her nub and licked around it, in the most luscious way, taking his time to make luxurious circles. Alice quivered.


  1. *wiping my forehead with my towel as I stand peeking in at the men's locker room over Brenda's shoulder* Oh, girls, looky that's a nice ass! And just for the record, the guy on the mat...I was just holding his ankles so he could do his situps. It's not my fault he didn't keep his knees together!

    Liz, your story is 'wonderful' and we wish you the best on release day. We're glad you're here with us during release week so we can pop a champagne cork later! Readers, leave your comments or questions for Liz and get in on the drawing!

  2. Thanks, Tonya! It was great meeting you! We sure had a great time by the men's locker room, didn't we? I'm still cooling off from seeing that buff guy change his shirt. LOL!

    Remember everyone to leave a comment for a chance to get your free copy of "Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land!"

    Best kisses,


  3. *holding a little hand fan in front of face, takes a swig of water* Do we have anything stronger around here? I need a shot! LOL Tonya, we need to do interviews more often in gyms!
    Liz, it's so great having you with us this week. I'm sure there's more fun to come. I'm off to do a some aerobics- get the heart pumping, to take my mind off these hot bodies.
    Readers, if you hanging out, leave a comment! Good luck in drawing. ~Brenda

  4. Wow! That was hot! Brenda, may i borrow your fan please? I cant wait to read this. Im getting a copy and soon! ;) Its on my wishlist. Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you all the best with Alice. :) Thanks!

  5. Shadow,
    Thanks for the good wishes! I'll be sure to drop you a line on when it's available. Unless you win the drawing for a free copy, of course ;)
    I hope it gets your heart racing! :)

    Thanks for meeting with me! It was wonderful to meet you and Tonya. And you did a great job at capturing examples of the men we saw at the gym. That guy who changed his shirt in front of us...whew! I still get hot thinking about him! LOL

  6. Liz, wishing you all the very best, and may this book sell millions, really hooked me in.

    Hope to win a copy of it, will be my very first erotica!!!

  7. Kopi, if my book sells millions, I'll send you a free copy of my next book just for being one of my first readers. :)

    And your first erotica, eh? Wow!!!

  8. Congratulations Shadow! You won a copy of Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land. We'll send Liz your email address so she can contact you.
    Thanks again everyone for stopping by and supporting Liz! ~Brenda