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Domination Switches Places, giveaway included by Tonya Kinzer

Tonya Kinzer
Erotic Romance

     First I’d like to thank Naughty Reader’s for letting me blog with you for a few days! We’re in a bondage dungeon straight out of book five, Under Her Command. Nick and Sondra are with me and we’re down here with all kinds of ‘equipment’ used for teasing and torturing submissives! * eyeing the St Andrews Cross over in the corner, letting my mind go crazy with all sorts of images * Oh, sorry! Being down here with all this is a bit distracting! LOL

     Readers, thank you for stopping by to meet Nick and Sondra, the main characters in my series, The Boss’s Pet. He's handsome, a proper gentleman and his eyes will undress you before you even know it!  Psst...I'm not sure I could work in the same office with a man this handsome! Sondra is a beautiful distraction to any office and smart enough to manage his operation. So, let’s get things started.

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Tonya:  * taking a deep breath * Nick, Sondra, thank you so much for being with us today and for securing the dungeon for our interview. I’ll start with Nick - I know you're a workaholic but it really isn't good for a man to lock himself away like that. You poor thing, you need down time to stay balanced!

Nick:  *loosening his tie* I thought you might like this location. I know how your mind works! My firm is growing by leaps and bounds. Although that's a good thing, it makes for too many hours hunched over my desk at the computer. I have to stay up on the market changes because my clients depend on me to know what's happening in case they want to change their investment strategies. In turn, that takes away from my time at home and unfortunately, makes for an unhappy wife at home, which is why I no longer have one. I can't blame her; I work horrendous hours.

Tonya:  So what does a busy man do for down time when you DO take it?

Nick:  I enjoy being at home where it's quiet. My property is surrounded by woods and only the driveway is visible from the highway. It's peaceful out on my back patio by the pool and hot tub; it's a great place for entertaining, I'm just not there enough to do that. I do think I’ve found a woman who can make it more fun to be at home and share the luxuries with.

Tonya:  * eyeing the massage table, complete with restraints * I bet you have muscles knotted all over you. I know someone who could help you with that! *wink* Finding good office help can't be easy but I understand you've recently hired an office manager, correct?

Nick:  *giving me a huge sexy smile* I have. Sondra Prentice is more than qualified to run my office while I take care of business. She did bring a substantial book of business with her. Those clients didn't want to stay with the new owner of her prior firm so needless to say, I was happy to help her with that. Her husband also didn't like the long hours our profession requires and he found someone else to occupy his time with. I think Sondra will fit in well with her management skills and she's already helping to encourage the sales staff I have, not to mention her marketing ideas. I've just not had time to do that myself and to pay someone to do that as an outside source is very expensive. Perhaps now I can redirect my funds to help with inside sales, we'll see.

Tonya:  Sondra, I know you and Nick are busy but it has to be hard to keep your mind on your job with a Boss this handsome. What is it about Nick that draws you to him?

Sondra:  I'm not sure I can put a finger on just what it is that pulls me toward this sexy man. *she looks Nick in the eye, runs her hand down his thigh and squeezes his knee* I know he has a magnetism that attracts all women and when he looks at you with those sexy blues of his, it's as though he can read your mind and implant thoughts into your brain of what he wants from you!

Tonya:  I'm not sure how you pull it off having a boss with sexy eyes like Nick has. Is it hard to work and concentrate in the same office with a man who tugs at your wants and needs?

Sondra:  If we're working on a client portfolio, it's all business for both of us. We want to make sure we get the investment recommendations right for that client. We look at the amount of money being invested, what their goals are and the portfolio has to match what the client goals are for their future and the number of years they have to go to meet that goal. When it's time for us to relax, it's only after the research is done.

Tonya:  Nick, is it a bad thing for a woman to be beautiful and smart?

Nick:  Not at all! I find that very attractive and especially if she knows what she wants out of life. Sondra does and she doesn't take shit from any man from what I've seen. And she may need a bit more training in that area. So I find her a huge challenge. In the beginning, she refused to go out with me very often and I needed to find a way to break through her walls because she had them pretty high.

Tonya:  I sense that you understand the normal wants and needs of a woman but I think you go much deeper than that. Care to explain further for our curious minds out there?

Nick:  Not at all. I enjoy a life style that I don't share with many people, but since I find you so appealing, Tonya, I'll share a bit with you *he winks*...if you keep it to yourself. It's a challenge for me to make a woman realize that once she trusts me, she can learn that I know what's best for her in certain have to let go of wanting to control when and where you receive certain pleasure. When you don't have to worry over that and just relax your 'mind' to accept pleasure and submit to what is being done to you, it becomes quite satisfying.

Tonya:  I'm guessing not just any woman off the street would appeal to you for this type of fun.

Nick:  No. A strong, secure woman knows in her heart where she stands in life and has a good self-esteem. Being able to submit to someone else and allow them to be in charge takes a lot of control within the mind. One can submit without being a slave to another and feeling beat down, because if one doesn't have a strong self-esteem, this type of life style is all wrong for them, although it can be taught, but that road takes a bit longer. I don't have that kind of time.

Tonya:  *squirming in my seat as my thoughts begin to wrap around exactly what he's referring to* So I'm guessing you enjoy being in charge and helping others learn what's best for them?

Nick:  My life style has never come into the office nor does anyone there know I live a different way in some aspects of my life, but that may be changing. Sondra has a sexual attraction that I can't seem to ignore. *Nick eyes me intently* I also think you'd be great at turning your control over to me, what do say?

Tonya:  Me? Oh no, I don't think I could ever do that. I like being in control.

Nick:  Well, in a way you would be. We'd agree to let you control, to a point, how far I could go with you. I’d teach you how to give control over to me for what your body needs and I could take you places you might enjoy with the proper stimulation! *as he nods toward the massage table *

Tonya:  *squirming in my seat again…coughing* Umm, let’s move on, shall we? Sondra, has anything surprised you about entering into the lifestyle that Nick has introduced you to?

Sondra:  I think that would have to be the way your thought process changes when you're in the submissive mode. Both parties have to agree beforehand what can and can't be done. It saves a lot of misunderstanding and hurt feelings. As a Dom, Nick seems to know exactly what I want and need; His patience and control are above anyone I've ever met. I'm not sure how he does that, but I love his thought process.

Tonya:  You enjoy the blindfold and restraints. Doesn't that require a lot of trust between two people?

Sondra:  Yes, it does. I totally trust Nick not to hurt me or do something that I've not agreed to ahead of time. Anyone considering to dabble in the lifestyle should not do so unless they have a partner they can totally trust because there’s a difference to being injured and causing pain. He’s promised not ‘injure’ me, but he’s never promised not to cause pain. Also, not being able to anticipate what he is going to do to tease and torment me just adds to the excitement of being blindfolded.

Tonya:  The two of you are becoming closer and I would guess the feelings you have for one another are building. What's in the future for you two?

Sondra:  I can't speak for Nick, but yes, I'm falling in love with the man.*she winks at him* He's in my thoughts constantly. I find myself doing things that will please him and when I'm not with him, I want to be. If our readers would care to read Chapter One of each book out so far, they can click HERE. There are now five books in our series and we love each one! For those who enjoy the erotic excerpt, you can click HERE! Book Four, Their Submissive Switch, gets even hotter. They can read that HERE.

Tonya:  Great idea but…readers DO come back and finish reading here, please! Bookmark those sites and come back! LOL Sondra, have you ever thought about being the Dominant at all and could you do that?

Sondra: *wicked laugh* I got my chance in book five and had a blast. I think I surprised more than a few people once they were restrained.

Nick:  *glancing at Sondra* I would say you also enjoy being with another woman and I love that your body betrays you by making you give and receive. I'll never tire of watching the action, babe.

Tonya:  Readers, there you have it - if we read between the lines, I think that tells us what’s happening in book five. Book six still hasn’t been written yet but I’ve schedule it for late 2016 or early 2016! I also have a new lesbian romance series out should that be of interest to you readers. Thank you all for stopping in. Don’t forget to enter the contest! I have monthly drawings from my newsletter subscribers and blog followers so do that also. I will be around for comments and questions. Thank you so much for stopping in to read about my characters and my work.

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