Saturday, December 8, 2012

Author Lani Rhea - Paranormal, Suspense, Erotic Romance and More!

Lani Rhea, lover of coffee, lives in the heart of Oklahoma. She married her high school sweetheart, has four children,and loves animals. Lani is always up for a challenge and enjoys mixing romance with all genres that spark her interests. You can find her either reading or writing. 

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Twitter @RheasRomance

Under Bonded Contract

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A competition spirals into a tantalizing game of bondage and seduction… Camri Burns, an ambitious real-estate agent, blindsides the rival she's secretly desired for a long time. When she's offered an all-expenses-paid trip, opportunity opens the playing field. As the biggest earner with the most notches on his bedpost, too-sexy Jackson Pratt is determined the redheaded beauty won't prevail. When the two-some enter into a partnership, they must distract each other in order to win. After Jackson took credit on a past partnership, Camri isn't letting him off the hook. In order to ultimately succeed, they'll need to follow the rules of Under Bonded Contract. Soon she is tied in his presence. Is it love, or simply a game of sex?

Just Vamps

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Blood, sex, and love. You shouldn’t always run away from things that go bump in the night…

Evernight presents thirteen erotic vampire tales to sink your teeth into. Follow the moon’s glow through the shadows and let these delicious immortal alphas show you just how satisfying eternal life can be. 

Louisana Moon

soon to be released by Lyrical Press!


  1. Hi Lani! Thanks for being our guest! Readers, please stop by her sites, click her links, learn more about this sexy author and download her books!

  2. Lani, I can't wait for Louisiana Moon to be released next year! Love the cover.
    Readers, we have a special treat tomorrow so visit again on Friday.

  3. Thanks so much for having me on your blog this week. I can't wait for Louisiana Moon to publish as well! Then I get to start on book two Aeon Blood! =)