Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Naughty's Book Reviewers!

We pleased to introduce Carol Conley, I'm A Voracious Reader, and Dawn V, Day Dreaming, as book reviewers for our site. 

Carol Conley in her own words:
I love to read. No, really. Love.To.Read. I devour books. I read any chance I get. If I go a day without reading I get antsy. Two days and I'll be a bit twitchy. Three days will have me climbing the walls. After I read a book, I'll post my thoughts here. Reviews are subjective though, so don't take my word as gospel. Pick up a book I've read, read it and decide for yourself whether it's a keeper or not.
Carol's 2012 Reading Challenge - 300 books
Carol's page on Naughty Readers and her Blog

Dawn V. in her own words:
I am an Obsessed reader of Paranormal Romance and Erotica. Love to be taken away from the real world into the amazing world of reading.
Come Day Dream with me in my little Blogland of reading.

Dawn's page on Naughty Readers and her Blog

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