Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meet Mindi Ferrari; Blogger, Poet and Sinful Writer!

Mindi Ferrari
Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author


Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada I've always had a passion for reading and writing. Since I was 10 years old I dreamed of writing horror novels. That dream quickly ended when I realized boys and girls were supposed to not only get along but they were so supposed to fall in love and live happily ever after.

I've taken just about every course college had to offer, majoring in criminal justice, and minoring in elementary education. I ended up opening my mind to a world with so much diversity that it would enable me to write about different genres, giving my characters a depth that only I could describe. Writing Romance novels is the one thing I enjoy more than life itself.

Mindi's latest release Sinful Writings

A collection of sinfully erotic short stories & poetry collection for your wicked desires.

Wicked Games

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Sorrow's reaping skills go above and beyond any other Reaper that has lived, yet she fights with the memory of her father’s death and tries desperately to search for his killer. Signing over her soul to do the Heaven’s dirty work she ends up running into a man who she remembers as trying to kill her and her family. The man she hates just might end up becoming the man she needs to fight this deadly war that’s brewing.

Vengeance is a trained assassin that falls madly in love with the one woman he was supposed to kill decades ago. Searching for most of his life and traveling all over the world to find her he ends up losing all hope. That is until the two meet from what they thought was a chance encounter but was really a set-up.

Four dangerously sexy Horsemen are the only ones cast down to earth too fight the apocalypse that’s nearing. Each Angel has a skill and each character tested beyond measures, will the fate of a human be left in the hands of the underworld, or will Vengeance and Sorrow find a way to help the Angels.

Coming Soon 2012!
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Dark Days 
When Lorelei met Lee she had to admit that she never would have thought that it would have turned into something; a romance author after all never usually finds love, they tend to believe it only exists in their stories. As the days go on she realizes that he was the only man to ever make her love everything life has to offer, including him. That is until reality hits home and she realizes that she may just have to fight even harder to keep a hold of the man she knows is meant for her.

Lee is not a man that cares for many people, so when Lorelei comes along he finds himself falling for her in all the worst ways and ends up feeling like his his life is about to explode. A Navy Seal sworn to uphold his duty, his limits are tested when he has to leave for an assignment, only to find out that assignment has everything to do with Lorelei. Lee resigns his soul with Dark Covert Operations, and tells Victor, his CO, that he will deliver the one man that has always stood in the way of his love for Lorelei.

Lee’s hope to save Lorelei is hanging by a thread. And Lorelei’s hope for life is slim to none. Lee will do whatever it takes to save the women he fought so hard to stay away from.

leave your inhibitions at the door! 
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  1. Hi Mindi, nice to meet you - your books sound like my kind of read:) Congratulations on all of them:) Hot covers, I might add.

  2. Hi Kay Dee! Thanks for stopping by. Mindi does have hot covers. I've placed Sinful Writings on my TBR list. :)
    Readers, check out Mindi's books on the popular online book retailers and happy reading! ~Brenda

  3. Thanks Kay, I hope to hear about you reading my books!