Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Western Week in the Boudoir! Meet Tonya's Fillies!

I Dare You to
'Come Tame Me'
Tonya Kinzer

      Welcome to our Boudoir! If you've not heard about my erotic western series yet, get comfy. I'm working hard to get this completed so you can curl up with my cowboys and the women who love them. As I write, the story pulls me to the west and onto the ranch so I'm hoping that it'll do the same for each of you when you read it. I have a contest listed below and will pick TWO winners for a $10 gift card so you can buy the books as they come out.
     Readers have requested an erotic romance from me that doesn't include any Dom/sub or bondage. So I wanted to try my hand at creating irresistable cowboys and women who taunt them. But how can I write about men who ride and rope and not tie up my cowboys? I'm trying hard to keep on track with reader wishes so stay with me!

     My heroine is strong-will and sassy Cassandra Harrison who moved to Tennessee with her mother ten years ago when her parents divorced. Her step-father has trained her how to run a ranch, keep the ranch hands in line, and to shoot better than a man! That alone has kept more than a few cowboys from tearing down the walls around her heart. She doesn't let many close and she's dead set on letting another man tear her heart apart ever again.

       The love of her life, or at least who she thought was, betrayed her ten years ago and made her move to Tennessee an easy move. Thoughts of the love they once shared were locked in a box in the back of her mind. Because of a recent letter, they're drifting out to torment her when she doesn't want to think about him.

     A letter from an attorney out west is demanding a meeting with her, prompted by her father. She's not seen him, nor heard from him, in the ten years she's been gone and suddenly he's demanding she fly two thousand miles without a good reason?

     I've posted Chapter One for you to read and I hope you enjoy it. Click HERE to read but do come back and get your entry into the contest. I've also created a page on FaceBook for the Wild Fillies series; please stop over and like the page. I plan to have at least three books in the series for your reading pleasure! If readers love it and my cowboys, I'll  be writing more for you.

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     Do you have a favorite location for your western reads to take place? What's your favorite plot?

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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you love westerns too! I have several places I'm hanging out this week! Monday night I'll be at a live chat over at Night Owl Reviews - the link is on my blog. Hope to see you! Tuesday thru Saturday, I will be at After Dark Online with more prizes! Come by and chat!

    Who loves erotic westerns?

  2. I love westerns! Great post, thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the boss's pet series and I love westerns so a twofer woohoo

  4. Congrats on winning to Veronika and Sue K!! Tonya will get your gift cards to you! Thank you all for stopping in and be sure to stop back to chat with Gem Sivad!