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Debut Release for new author, Chelse Blackstone!

Chelsea Blackstone
Erotic Romance

   Please help me welcome new romance author Chelsea Blackstone. Her new book will be released October 6, but can be pre-ordered NOW at Smashwords. Follow her on FaceBook to learn more about additional books in the Whiskey and Pearls series.

About The Author:

     C.d. Blackstone was born in London. She came into this world with a Mont Blanc pen in her hand.

     While working at university she held a job at a nearby book store. Having always written poetry and short stories, C.d. took the plunge and expanded her writing world.

     Mirage is her debut attempt.

    Now living in New York City with her two cats, Monet and Hemmingway, the Brown brothers, (as they are affectionately referred to since they are Siamese) and her husband, Zane.

     Rothschild Publishing,  home of a stable-full of bestselling authors.  The biggest is a publishing phenomenon. Z T Black is the mysterious, elusive author, assessable by few responsible for writing the shocking new series.

      Jack Rothschild has no desire to run his publishing house, but finds himself forced to after his current head proves to be either overwhelmed by her position or has she lost her touch and grip on reality?

     Eliza beautiful, quiet, up and coming editor.  Jack takes an immediate interest in her by assigning a high profile author to her. 

     Mayhem pursues and follows the pair...right into the bedroom. Jack finds himself shocked by the fact he's fallen in love - Eliza is without words that she's let this man into her inner sanctuary and has fallen for him as well.

     Are the rumors true that follow Jack around? Or are they part of the lies his former chief editor/publisher has released? And what about Z T Black?

     For Jack, being a billionaire has its advantages...and perks.

     Jack's chopper was ready and waiting when I arrived at the heliport. I was quickly whisked away to the Hamptons. I gazed down in amazement at the city below me. It was a sight to behold. The late afternoon sunlight shimmering from the west, reminding us the night was soon upon us.

     The house was anything but a house. It was a beach front mansion. But I shouldn't have expected anything less from this man. The chopper set down on the asphalt pad. As the pilot shut things down, I looked as a now familiar figure come quickly towards us.

     Opening the door, his head ducked down, he assisted me out of the craft. He put his hand on the top of my head as I exited; a reminder to keep my own head down until we cleared the still rotating blades.

     As soon as we were a safe distance and walking hand in hand towards his magnificent home that beckoned just in front of us, Jack stopped. He drew me against his rock hard body and lowered his mouth over mine. Resisting never entered my mind. I opened to him greedily as I felt one hand pull me further in.

     "Christ, Eliza. I've been fantasizing about you since you left my suite."

      "Really?" I teased. "In which position?"

     "All of them," he growled. "As long as I can be deep inside that tight little cunt of yours it doesn't matter. All I want to do is fuck you, Eliza."

     "Then I suggest we'd better continue on to the house, and then you can dismiss your staff. I want you all to myself."

     "Already done." He sealed his mouth over mine one more time, groping my ass with one hand as he did. It was a commanding, take charge kiss. "Come, before I fuck you right here on the lawn." He could have done it too. That's how turned on and wet I was for this man.

     He led the way to the house and straight up the stairs to what I assumed was the master suite. I never before had seen such elegance. A wall of windows faced the water, opening to a deck.

     Taking me in his arms once again Jack planted a lavish kiss on me. It was full of passion, our mouths melding together as one. I wanted more, much more.

     Quietly he unzipped my pants and pulled them over my hips. My thong followed, then my blouse and finally bra. I stood before him in nothing but my heels.

     He led me over to the bed as I watched him take off his clothes, our eyes locked on the other. Then he was on me. We rolled across the mattress, as he touched me everywhere. As he did it sent a charge through me, the likes I'd never felt. I thought I could come simply from his touch.

     "I can't get enough of you," he whispered, his lips moving across my face. He kissed me deeply in that special way of his. Everything about him turned me on, right down to the forcefulness he sometimes used to pleasure me. "I've never wanted a woman like I do you."

     "Then fuck me, Jack."

     "Not yet, you're not ready." Licking and nibbling he slid down to my breasts. Suckling on one, he plumped and played with the other. Reversing the process, I caught myself moaning.

     A shiver moved through me as he continued his trek and buried his face in between my legs. He growled softly and doe for the soft flesh. His tongue pushed into me causing me to almost come undone. My hips rocked, wanting more. He rewarded me with one final hard lick, then sucked my nub. The orgasm shook through me as he thrust his tongue inside me. He groaned against the swollen flesh of my clit as I rode wave after wave of my climax. I thrashed against him as I felt him thrust fingers in me as he massaged a tender spot inside me. I came again.

     In a second he was sitting up next to me as I heard a drawer opening, followed by the sound of foil tearing. Then he was over me, stretched on top of me, tucking me in to him. His face was full of lust, his eyes darkened and dilated.

     I waited in anticipation. He was huge and hard as he rammed into me. I gasped. The connection between us was intense. He was balls-deep inside me.

     I clenched around him, relishing the feel of him filling me. "Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard."

     His hips ground against mine as we established our rhythm. Moving his hands under my ass, he pulled me tighter against him as he started fucking me. Pleasure soared through me again.

     He buried his face against my shoulder, plunging hard and deep. His raw sex talk made me wild. "My god, Eliza. Feel how deep I am inside you. I've never had a woman make me so hard."

     Swiveling his hips to pleasure me I made small noises of need as his mouth covered mine. I was desperate for him, desperate to come. As an orgasm came to the edge, he placed one hand under my hip, cupping my ass, lifting me into his thrust. His cock stroked the spot inside me that ached for him.

     "I want you to come for me, Eliza, he ordered. "Now."

     And I did. I climaxed so hard I sobbed. The sensations enhanced by the way he held my body next to his. He held me tightly, his hips pumping into me as he came. "Eliza!"

     We lay afterwards clinging to each other tightly, mouths sliding over faces, throats, soothing. My entire body was alive with sensations I'd never felt before.

    "Oh my God," I finally whispered. "That was fucking incredible."


     I giggled, hugging him. With a soft kiss he sat up. He removed the condom, placing it in tissue paper before tossing it in a wastebasket next to the bed. "We'll shower, then go downstairs and eat. I have something special picked out. After that we'll see..." He winked at me, his face still full of the lust I'd seen moments earlier. I glanced down at his cock as he stood up. The man was still in a state of arousal.
The book will be available
October 6th!!


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